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Business owners

Planning for a happy and healthy retirement goes beyond just saving and investing; it requires you to navigate a progressively complex landscape and make informed decisions along the way. Learn more

As a business owner you require a different approach to wealth management because you have different wealth management needs than most. Much of your wealth is likely locked up inside your company. Whether you are an established entrepreneur, new small business owner, or part-time consultant, there are many financial risks and opportunities associated with running a company.

Not everyone can be a business owner. It takes a special kind of person: an entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of independence, and self-reliance. We at Lion’s Share get that about you. We also know that making the transition from being a business owner to an investor raises questions and concerns. Depending on the stage of your company, you may be evaluating the benefits of starting a retirement plan or cash balance pension plan. Starting a retirement plan for your business can reduce your taxable income and allow you to save a significant amount for retirement.

In addition, you have unique challenges such as succession planning, business valuation and a retirement plan for your business. This leaves very little time to think about your own personal finances and running these like you run your own business. We also understand that retiring from your own business can be difficult after having invested the better part of your working years to achieve success. For many business owners, a retirement date is not always within their control, and the funds available for retirement can vary.

We can help make your job easier. Lion’s Share can also serve as your personal CFO helping you coordinate and implementing all faucets of your financial goals. We tailor our services to the unique needs of each individual client with the goal of developing lasting relationships across multiple generations.

Why Choose a Lion’s Share Advisor

Planning ahead with Lion’s Share can protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build, and help you ensure your future prosperity. The design of a plan for your company’s future requires specialized expertise.

Lion’s Share approach for business owners is a rewarding experience. Your Lion’s Share financial advisor expertise bundled with Lion’s Share Quadrant System can unlock all kinds of potential for not only your personal financial success, but your business as well.


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