Government Employees

At Lion’s Share as a wealth management firm we know retirement planning can feel daunting and even more so for federal employees. Financial planning for retirement is different for the public sector than for people employed in the private sector. The benefits system for government employees can be complex. However, it provides some benefits that most workers in the private sector do not have.

Government employees have unique needs that are not addressed by most generic retirement financial planning. If you are planning for retirement, you need to be familiar with all of the regulations and rules. The entire process can be a bit complicated.

We specialize in helping you maximize and take full advantage of your benefits, as well as help you avoid potentially devastating mistakes or elections that could cost you thousands of dollars over the course of your retirement. We work with a number of federal employees and members of the military, advising on a multitude of employment and benefit decisions.

Benefit programs from the Federal Government are extensive, complex, and sometimes unique, depending on your branch, post, and years of service. Lion’s Share advisors can help you understand and gain the greatest value from the benefits and programs you have earned.

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